As our shared concern for the environment intensifies, it is in our best interest to strive to accelerate the needed green transformation. By strengthening our focus on digital tools, and relying on innovation and creativity as enablers of positive change, we aim to encourage a more responsible use of our resources.

Backing and partnering with our innovation hub THINKT Digital, we design and develop solutions that help companies and organizations improve their efficiency and productivity. Delving deeper into the developments of THINKT Digital, one will come across TrackMyDrum. Minimizing waste and scrap by enabling cables to be used in additional projects, as well as allowing users to take advantage of the complete life cycle of drums, which are often discarded prematurely, is on their agenda.

A growing number of cable manufacturers, utilities, wholesalers and installers are already starting to see the benefits that TrackMyDrum brings. And when focusing on the numbers the benefits are rather significant, as their customers can experience up to an 80% in immediate financial savings. Reducing paper work by digitizing administrative tasks, avoiding the loss and theft of materials through geo-fencing, and improving resource allocation in a sustainable and holistic manner positively contribute to this savings.

An enhanced overview of their resources also facilitates a range of improvements. “Knowing how many and how heavy the cable drums are, ensuring that the delivery trucks are fully loaded, and that the right equipment is in place when it needs to be used” avoids, according to TrackMyDrum Business Development Manager Camilla Miehe, unnecessary trips and contributes to reducing logistics costs and CO2 emissions.

  • “The energy industry is probably one of the most changeable that we currently have. Digitalisation and efficiencies play a significant role here. TrackMyDrum has taken on these requirements and stirred up the dust in this obsolete system landscape.” – says a TrackMyDrum customer from a large German utility.

By enabling the entry of digital solutions, encouraging the correct use of materials and increasing recycling rates of cable scrap, we can make our customers’ processes more cost-savvy, and also more sustainable. It is in our focus to ensure the development of solutions that reduce our collective carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment for our local communities and neighbourhoods.