TrackMyDrum uses advanced trackers & QR codes to track cable drum location and cable consumption.

Full asset overview

Seamlessly communicate with your assets and team, document and store your projects digitally and stay up to date with our push notifications. Create different levels of users and add your external workforce for the projects and drums you decide.

  • Digital documentation
  • Overview of drums & cables, project locations, warehouses & construction sites
  • Monitoring & alert
  • Multiple access levels

Real-time tracking

Through buttons, filters and colors you can easily control and manage the type, status or location of your drums and their handlers. Filter your drums by expiration date, or check our claim report tab to find out what actions need to be taken.

  • Manage projects efficiently
  • Location, status & usage tracking
  • Theft preventing
  • Managing claims

Resource allocation

Stay informed about on-time drum returns to avoid late rental charges, reallocate your cable length surplus, and easily manage your upcoming projects, orders and deliveries at the click of a button.

  • Drum rental period
  • Overview of cable consumption
  • Usage history
  • Cable consumption measurement