Cable Drum Tracking and Management

TrackMyDrum uses advanced trackers & QR codes to track cable drum location and cable consumption.

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What is TrackMyDrum?

TrackMyDrum was created as a universal tool for vendors, utility & installation companies to track, coordinate and manage cables, drums and projects. The tool includes a web interface & mobile apps together with smart trackers.

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Why use TrackMyDrum?

Here are some of the benefits which users enjoy when using TrackMyDrum in their daily operations

Location & Usage tracking

A complete overview of all your cables and drums, where they are located, stored and delivered.

Monitoring & Alerting

Secure an advantage by being informed about where your cables and drums are installed.

Improved visibility

Have a perfect overview of all your projects, orders, deliveries, where your cables are stored. etc.

Theft Preventing

Reduce financial loss by equipping your drums and cables with real-time tracking devices

Digital Documentation

Document and store your projects digitally. Enabling you to follow up past projects.

Manage projects efficiently

Stay informed about drums and if they are returned in time to avoid late return.

TrackMyDrum reduces cost and helps companies be more effective

“TrackMyDrum is our choice of solution, as we have multiple contractors who work with the cables on construction sites, and we are able to perfectly track, trace and manage the assets even when they are in the field or in one of our warehouses. Any claims are very easy to manage and process, and the inventory handling, including cable rest length measurement, has never been easier.”

– Utility from Germany

How it works


Companies saving money

TrackMyDrum helps companies save time and money, whilst making sure that their assets are in the right place at the right time


Saved in total

With the aid of real-time notification and alerts about changes in deliveries, rental periods and much more



TrackMyDrum consists of a custom-made hardware tracking device, web application and a smartphone app.

Narrowband-IoT/LTE-M Tracker

TrackMyDrum X1 tracker provides real time tracking of the assets, also in very remote areas thanks to its ability to connect to multiple networks, depending on which one is available and strongest


  • Supports multiple connectivity protocols with automatic fallback > NB-IoT, LTE-M, 3G, GSM

  • GPS and Wifi positioning

  • Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Operates under extreme temperature -40℃ to +85℃

  • Strong and sturdy magnetic mounting

Web Application

A web application crafted with modern design language and security in mind to visualize the state of things and to carry out day-to-day operation at ease


  • Overview status of all assets

  • Overview of Projects, Orders and Deliveries

  • Handle claims and damage reports

  • Keep track of rental period

Mobile App

A mobile app specially created for people on the field handling drums or the assets to document cable consumption, deliveries, damages and much more.


  • Scan QR code to identify assets on the field

  • Receive real-time notification about asset movement

  • Easy way to document cable usage

  • Accept deliveries from different vendors

How it works?

TrackMyDrum provides a comprehensive set of tools for large scale drum and cable management operations.

Track Drums

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Drum rental expiration
  • Usage history
  • Damage and condition reporting

Track Cables

  • Cable consumption measurement
  • Cable usage history
  • Damage and condition reporting
  • Managing claims

Manage Projects

  • Overview of project locations, warehouses and construction sites
  • Allocation of drums and cables between projects
  • Overview of cable consumption
  • Assigning contractors to manage projects

Manage Orders

  • Overview of drums and cables
  • Delivery information tracking
  • Overview of cable consumption
  • Digital order and delivery confirmation

Solving the industries largest issues with the power of digitization

Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing topic, but should not become a growing issue for utilities, installation companies and cable manufacturers. By making drums and cables connected, TrackMyDrum will make you get ahead of the game, saving costs, accelerate your daily operations and ensuring that you make the best decisions for your business.

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