By leveraging the power of smart trackers, most of our digitalization efforts fall within the cable market, especially for utilities, cable vendors, installers and wholesalers. Even though many of their requirements are roughly similar, we wanted to share with you additional insights for each particular segment.

In the case of utilities and energy providers, not knowing the exact location of the cable drums, a lack of overview of the rest length surplus of their cables, or imprecise information about the cable drums’ return deliveries can pose significant challenges. As a result, this can lead to unnecessary costs due to high return fees for cable drums, extended lead times, and the overstocking of cables in their warehouses.

The seamless location and status of the cable drums at all times through our map view, can significantly cut down on searching time and paperwork in these organizations. Our platform can also be of great help in the creation of orders, the management of simultaneous projects, as well as the documentation of the cable usage and installation processes. In addition, multiple levels of access allow users to quickly share information about their latest activities. 

For high-voltage projects, logistics planning and project management aspects are of particular interest. Knowing whether your cable drum is at the harbor or still in the warehouse, or whether it is locked or ready for use is a must for this segment. Meanwhile, for medium-voltage projects, knowing when to return cable drums to avoid late rental charges, or returning them in advance to get a refund are among their priorities. All these can be easily covered after the correct implementation of a fully digital solution.

“TrackMyDrum is our choice of solution, as we have multiple contractors who work with the cables on construction sites, and we are able to perfectly track, trace and manage the assets even when they are in the field or in one of our warehouses. Any claims are very easy to manage and process, and the inventory handling, including cable rest length measurement, has never been easier.”

              – Customer from a Large German Utility

For cable vendors, the most interesting functionalities may also include the installation guides for their personnel or the efficient management of cable reel returns. They may also be interested in knowing if their shipments have arrived on time to their customers, or if the customer has noticed any damage by using the TrackMyDrum claim management system.

“ TrackMyDrum gives us the opportunity to get an overview of all our customer’s drums in circulation. We can see both location and what status they are in which makes our work with handling returns both easier and more efficient” 

       – Customer from a Swedish Cable Drum & Logistics Provider

On the other hand, installers will be interested in cable usage and installation documentation, or in the installation guides for internal and external personnel. In addition, the ability to connect external installers via the guest user functionality of the system will also be beneficial.