While our focus lies on making our interface as easy and intuitive as possible, we have noticed that some functionalities can sometimes be overlooked. Here are some advanced tips and hints to help you get out the most of TrackMyDrum.

Mastering User Roles

“Admin”, “Manager” or “Guest” are the three specific user roles available in TrackMyDrum. Although the ‘Guest’ role can save you valuable time in some daily operations, it may sometimes be forgotten.

Pro Tip: a guest role can be assigned to anyone who is mainly responsible for operational tasks, and who does not require access to all the app functionalities, or who will be given temporary access to your organization. Installers are a good example of this.

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Add Guest User
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Cut Cable
Register Drum
Add New Drum Type
Change Company Name
Change Company Email
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Link Company

TrackMyDrum ID

The company code is used as an ID in TrackMyDrum so that other users can join an existing company. But this is not the only use. You can also have other companies join existing companies using this same code.

Pro Tip: we recommend that you distribute this ID code in order to allow more users on the platform to use the solution.  

Drum and Asset Registration

Drums, drum types and cable types can be easily added into our platform. In addition, sensors can also be added. You can do this by clicking on the “Add new device” button, and by associating these sensors to a specific drum.

Pro Tip: this can be quite advantageous if you would like to track your assets in real-time or for setting up geofence triggers. …

Generating QR Codes

You can generate one or several QR codes at once directly from our interface. By clicking on the “Generate QR codes” button you will be able to print them out and staple them to their respective wooden drum. 

What if you already have your own QR or Barcodes attached to your drums? In this case, while uploading the drums into TrackMyDrum via our CSV file it is possible to upload your own barcodes or QR-Codes, or if desired a connection with your SAP System. Please note that the drum ID must match the same number indicated on the QR-Code or Barcode you would like to use. 

Pro Tip: use a paper with adequate thickness and resistance to temperature variation to print your QR codes. Regulus Signolit SC44 Self-Adhesive Film A4 75 m Pack of 100 Matte White is an option we like to recommend.

Drum Map

The map shows the locations of your drums. They can be filtered by expiration date or drum status. 

Pro Tip: zoom in on the location to see detailed information about your drum. The number in the circle indicates the number of drums. The marker with the remaining length only appears if there is one drum. If there are several drums, the circle will show you how many. Click on the circle to show the individual markers or zoom in to separate the clusters.

Drum Damages

Tap on the camera icon to take pictures and add a drum description. Report damage to the drum by activating the ‘Damaged’ option. You can also save images made with the TrackMyDrum app onto your phone.

Drums for Customers

Use the scanner to make it easier for you to deliver drums, check their delivery status or handle returns.

Pro Tip: you can also cut cable for customers once they have accepted the drum. Open the scanner view by clicking on the “Cut Cable” option on the main menu list. Following, you will be able to introduce and save the length that was already consumed.

Getting Push Notifications

All notifications can be sent to you in the form of web notifications, emails and/or push notifications. Please note that you need to download the TrackMyDrum app onto your mobile device in order to receive push notifications. These notifications can be turned on and off by clicking on the notification request. The dark blue colour indicates that the notifications have been successfully activated.

SAP Integration

TrackMyDrum has their own API. Please contact us directly if you would like to make an SAP implementation via info@trackmydrum.com.